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Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Sun Mar 24 17:52:49 EST 2002

I give up. What came through is pretty close, and Mike Quinn has already
answered Paul's criticism.

Stan Gorodenski wrote:
> I'll try again. Again my full message did not get through because of
> that infernal right character sign.
> First, I assume you are the real 'Paul Cherubini', although you have not
> said so.
> Second, I question the use of the term 'healthy'. Without knowing the
> actual cause(s) of the increased numbers and how it compares to prior
> years beyond last year, can it be termed 'healthy'?
> Third, I doubt most of the citizens of Texas (at least 99%) are glued to
> the news waiting to find out the demise of the Monarch. I doubt they
> care and so it boils down to 'so what'? And even if 99.999% don't care
> does this mean others should not care either? I don't think so.
> Fourth, Mike Quinn qualified his statement "Hopefully it will come back.
> But we'll be on pins and needles for awhile." What was he supposed to
> have said, something like, "We are absolutely certain there will be no
> adverse impact on the Monarch"? Wouldn't this be untruthful? I think it
> would. The citizens of Texas already know, from Mike's statement, there
> is some uncertainty surrounding the prediction of an adverse future of
> the Monarch.


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