Taxonomy With Technology

Joel Lyons jrlyons at
Mon Mar 25 23:03:54 EST 2002

 I presented this, as of possible interest only, to you who I consider
 to be my mentors for your kind attention and review.  I know it is
difficult to distract everyone from those pernicious yellow cards, but
I had to try something.  But I do have a question.  I have a postcard,
a 1921 postcard from Poland with a photo of a puppy suspiciously
watching a vanessa atalanta basking on a sidewalk.  Is a Red
Admiral native to Poland or is this just one of those "for arts sake"
kind of things?  I could forward the postcard for your examination.
Don't worry about an address.  The postcard will find you.

Michael Gochfeld wrote:

> Uber-taxonomy: It wasn't clear whether you thought this was a good thing
> or a bad thing.


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