2 interesting butterfly papers

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 26 07:05:04 EST 2002

I just got emailed the contents of what I presume is the latest issue of
Ecological Entomology. vol 27 (1) for :2002 and found two butterfly titles which
sounded of general interest.  I haven't seen the papers yet.  MG

 Mating behaviour and light conditions cause seasonal changes in the dispersal
pattern of  the satyrine butterfly Lethe Diana
by Ide, JY PG: 33-40

 Evaluating a putative mimetic relationship between two butterflies, Adelpha
bredowii and Limenitis lorquini
by Prudic, KL; Shapiro, AM; Clayton, NS PG: 68-75

PS: Of nomenclatorial interest I noted the capitalization of "Diana" which is I
believe archaic and not-to-code (It can't be just a copyeditors bad judgement in
the contents or that would have affected the names in the second paper as
well).   MG


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