[leps-talk] 2 interesting butterfly papers

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Tue Mar 26 08:09:17 EST 2002

Michael Gochfeld wrote:

> I just got emailed the contents of what I presume is the latest issue of
> Ecological Entomology. vol 27 (1) for :2002 and found two butterfly titles which
> sounded of general interest.  I haven't seen the papers yet.  MG
>  Mating behaviour and light conditions cause seasonal changes in the dispersal
> pattern of  the satyrine butterfly Lethe Diana
> by Ide, JY PG: 33-40
>  Evaluating a putative mimetic relationship between two butterflies, Adelpha
> bredowii and Limenitis lorquini
> by Prudic, KL; Shapiro, AM; Clayton, NS PG: 68-75
> PS: Of nomenclatorial interest I noted the capitalization of "Diana" which is I
> believe archaic and not-to-code (It can't be just a copyeditors bad judgement in
> the contents or that would have affected the names in the second paper as
> well).   MG

Speaking as a copy editor, I'm betting you're wrong, wrong, wrong. (We 
copy editors just love to say that.)
Diana is a girl's name. Spellcheck picked it up and fixed it, and the 
copy editor failed to notice and shudder away from this egregious error.
Spellcheck would have had no problem with the other names, save only the 
gentle query as to whether they should exist at all.
There is an insane half-logic in its suggestions, and the occasional 
obscenity makes it all worthwhile.
The creators get extra credit, in my opinion, for getting putative and 
mimetic into the same sentence. These are both very nice words indeed.
Americans, by the way, are not allowed to spell judgment with that 
middle e, fond though I am of it. You have been reading British murder 
mysteries again, Mike.
Anne Kilmer


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