[leps-talk] 2 interesting butterfly papers

John R. Grehan jrg13 at psu.edu
Tue Mar 26 12:33:58 EST 2002

>>PS: Of nomenclatorial interest I noted the capitalization of "Diana" 
>>which is I
>>believe archaic and not-to-code (It can't be just a copyeditors bad 
>>judgement in
>>the contents or that would have affected the names in the second paper as
>>well).   MG
>Speaking as a copy editor, I'm betting you're wrong, wrong, wrong. (We 
>copy editors just love to say that.)
>Diana is a girl's name. Spellcheck picked it up and fixed it, and the copy 
>editor failed to notice and shudder away from this egregious error.

How is Mike wrong? He was also 'betting' it was not a copy editor's bad 

>Americans, by the way, are not allowed to spell judgment with that middle 
>e, fond though I am of it.

Not quite true. American are allowed to spell with an e when they go to 
Canada or New Zealand etc., and publish in a variety of journals, and on 
the lep list as far as I know.

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