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Neil Jones neil at
Wed Mar 27 16:42:29 EST 2002

On Thursday 14 March 2002 10:12 pm, John Shuey wrote:
> Following up on what Ann wrote - here's what our help desk just sent to TNC
> staff:

A general tip about viruses. If you get sent a warning go to 
and enter some salient bit of text from it.
You will find a website somewhere telling you if it is a hoax.

Alternatively, use a better operating system. This message is sent using the 
Linux operating system. It is a substitute for Windows and it is available 
FREE or at very low cost, as is all the software to go with it. It is more 
stable and has the most amazing free software available.  Thousands of 
dollars worth on a windows system, all free and all perfectly legally. I am 
using mail software that looks very like Outlook Express  but is immune to 
its, viruses worms etc.  It even has a spell checker. People make their money 
out of supporting systems not by selling the software as in the original days 
of computing. If you've surfed the web you will undoubtedly used a Linux 
system. Many big websites are hosted on computers running it.


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