UV Lights--another view, continued

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at aurora.alaska.edu
Thu Mar 28 01:26:24 EST 2002

	There appears to be a latitudinal/elevational effect in the
relative utility of MV vs. low-power fluorescent UV bulbs. I had
commented to Cliff Ferris about my observations here (Interior Alaska)
that MV bulbs didn't seem to be that much more effective than 8W
fluorescent bulbs--and he replied that he had seen the same thing happen
at higher elevations in the Rockies. In Arizona, on the other hand, he
said there _is_ a marked difference in the favor of the MV bulb, especially
with regard to Saturnids and Sphingids (which are not exactly abundant
up here--4 Sphingids and no Saturnids).

							Ken Philip


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