UV Lights--another view, continued

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And, although it "doesn't seem right", when I was collecting in AZ  (and Costa
Rica) 2 years ago, I had 1 clear 175 MV bioquip setup and 1 of their frosted
self-ballasted MV bulbs (not the new clear ones they have now).  The frosted
bulb outdrew the clear bulb at "about" the rate of 1.5 to 1.
    My personal "guess" is that the 175w clear bulb actually "drew more into
the area"...but not to my sheet.  Whereas the frosted bulb brought them all the
way in. (I "kinda" tested this by only setting up the clear bulbs in C.R.  By
2AM, I could see - using my flashlight - some larger Saturnids and Sphingiids
"out of my reach" (there were also many on my sheet).  So, I then set up my
frosted bulb.   By 4AM, several of the Sats had moved onto my sheet.
    So, I now try to use both - one frosted - one not!!!

Kenelm Philip wrote:

>         There appears to be a latitudinal/elevational effect in the
> relative utility of MV vs. low-power fluorescent UV bulbs. I had
> commented to Cliff Ferris about my observations here (Interior Alaska)
> that MV bulbs didn't seem to be that much more effective than 8W
> fluorescent bulbs--and he replied that he had seen the same thing happen
> at higher elevations in the Rockies. In Arizona, on the other hand, he
> said there _is_ a marked difference in the favor of the MV bulb, especially
> with regard to Saturnids and Sphingids (which are not exactly abundant
> up here--4 Sphingids and no Saturnids).
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