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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Thu Mar 28 08:26:57 EST 2002

The "final" version of the Swallowtails/Parnassians and Whites/Sulphurs
sections on the SC-NABN have been loaded ( ).
I say final as we 1) have not had any more public input for a while on
these two sections and 2) all adjustments have been incorporated from the
literature. The baseline for the SC-NABN is "The Common Names of North
American Butterflies" list (Smithsonian pub. J.Y. Miller ed.)   One will
find that the SC-NABN list is basically an up-to-date parallel to that
official list and the USGS listing

It is stated by Opler in the Forward of the Miller list that - "This is the
butterfly equivalent of the American Ornithologists' Union *Checklist of
North American Birds,* now in its sixth edition.   As such, Dr. Miller's
list represents a starting point from which further refinements may be made
over the years."   The SC-NABN is such a refinement.  The SC-NABN list is
not a re-invention of the North American names.  It is simply an updated on
line version of the standardized names re-worked to include new taxa and
shifts in popular usage.  In a few cases there is a reversion to some older
common names as those are still the preferred names used by lepidopterists.

The uploaded Coppers/Blues/Hairstreaks section (half section) is still in
draft form and in need of lots of public input via the
"comments/corrections" link provided there.  This especially true for
western taxa as most taxa in this group are found there.

Ron Gatrelle
SC-NABN Compiler

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