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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Fri Mar 29 02:47:22 EST 2002

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From: "Mike Quinn" <ento at satx.rr.com>
Subject: RE: Common Names update

> Ron, Most people on this list probably know that I regularly give
> at the alter of common names, but I gotta tell ya that I truly believe
> your efforts to put common names on subspecies is basically a waste of
> time... Mike Quinn

You know the more I look at this statement the more I am flabbergasted by
it. Hey, Mr. Ford people are never going to want a car when they can have a
dependable horse.  Go to the moon?  Why the he** do that, JFK!!!   Hey, the
darkies are happy in the back of the bus.  Hey, Mr. Linnaeus, all this
scientific name stuff is a waste of time - no one is going to adopt the use
of that gibberish.  Hey, NABA  asking people to look at leps through
binoculars rather than collect them is a waste of time - people aren't
going to change to that.  Common names for subspecies? Now there is a real
brain dead idea.



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