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> WOW!!!  Thanks so much Ron!!!  What a great service you are providing by
> sharing your unequaled knowledge with all of us who didn't
> know that all of those critters existed.  All of us
> ignorant butterfly lovers would be totally lost without your careful
> guidance!
> Andy

Andy you out do yourself.  We all know you are in truth one of the most
knowledgeable lepidopterists in the US today.  So sure, if I was talking
just to you my post would be stupid.  I need to know from you what stuff we
have missed etc. In fact you sent a post to Harry Pavulaan right after the
ISBN list was posted with a long list of very helpful names we did not
have. You don't need any of our lists.  If everyone was up to your level
not TILS or NABA or USGS or ATL or anyone would need to put up a list -
we'd wait for yours. Really.

Having said that we all know that there is somewhere around 4,000 other
butterfliers in North America besides yourself who don't know 5% of what
you do.  Those are the ones who will look at the TILS lists, the MONA
lists, the Lep. Soc. lists, and go WOW.  Why are you so upset?  All the



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