Butterfly Names/Scientific Names help

Hank Brodkin hbrodkin at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 5 11:01:59 EST 2002

Hi -
Has anyone seen the Opler/Warren List of Scientific Names for Butterflies of
North America yet?
I have sent for my copy - but have not yet received it.
I was wondering why (and I hope I am not strating another shouting match
here) no one has mentioned it on this thread.

Hank Brodkin
Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
hbrodkin at earthlink.net
SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA)
"Butterflies of Arizona - a Photographic Guide"
by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin and Hank Brodkin

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> Folks,
> I`ve decided to change my Butterflies of North Carolina web site to
> the scientific names of  butterflies used my most Lepidopterists today.
> web site currently contains NABA s  common and scientific names. I`ve
> the common names useful yet the NABA scientific names to be insufficient
> put it politely.


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