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Tue Nov 5 19:34:57 EST 2002

Amazing!!!!!!  You would think nobody ever read a single one of my emails
on this subject (and methinks nobody every did)...but then maybe it's
because I'm a "woman"?! ;-)

Regardless, it's nice to see SOMEONE FINALLY posit an admission to the
multitudinous discrepancies in scientific nomenclature....  Just try
setting up a database on a biodiversity inventory and see what a
pandora's box you release (!)

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:44:21 -0800 Doug Yanega <dyanega at pop.ucr.edu>
> >Anyway I`m asking if anyone here has a easy source or web site where 
> >I can add (cut and paste) the correct scientific names to the web 
> >site which covers all of North Carolina`s 169 butterfly species. 
> >This will take some time to redo some 140 butterfly pages.
> >
> >Always thinking outside the box......
> Prepare to be boxed in, then: there are no two resources, either 
> web-based or in print, which give the exact same list of taxa and 
> same scientific names for North American butterflies. While the 
> majority of taxa are identical from list to list, there are always 
> discrepancies; there is no consensus for *all* taxa. I've been 
> trying 
> for years to find a single authoritative source for butterfly taxon 
> names, and have pretty much given up. Too many "subspecies" and too 
> few revisions to indicate which of them deserve recognition and 
> which 
> do not. You might need to just pick one resource (such as ITIS) and 
> go with what they say, though the odds that it'll recognize the same 
> 169 species you do are pretty slim.
> Good luck,
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