Interspecific vs intergeneric hybrids

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Thu Nov 7 11:17:12 EST 2002

--- Michael Gochfeld <gochfeld at EOHSI.RUTGERS.EDU> wrote:
> This issue came up in the hummingbird world when a series of
> intergeneric
> hybrids was reported (maybe 30 years ago).  The idea was that
> interspecific
> hybridization was rare among closely related species since they had
> been
> selected for reproductive isolation during the process of speciation.
>  However,
> taxa in different genera (hence assumed to be less closely related)
> did not have
> the same pre-gametic selection for reproductive isolation.

Excellent points Michael, The isolating factors may be much more
ancient and therefore less inhibiting. the key is do (or did they)
produce fertile offspring.  A hard thing to study in leps.


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