TTR volume 3

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Wed Nov 13 05:08:44 EST 2002

The marathon we call Volume 3 of The Taxonomic Report is finally coming to
completion.  Issues 8 & 9 are projected to be out by first part of December
and that will finish out Vol. 3.  We will then produce and mail the Vol. 3
CD and begin Vol. 4.   It looks like two or three issues of Vol. 4 will
likely be out by 1st of March.  A good start.

There were 4 new taxa described in Vol. three.  Six others taxa were
redefined and neo or lecto types established.  Taxa discussed and
illustrated through issue 7 are:

Speyeria hydaspe sakuntala
Speyeria hydaspe rhodope
Speyeria hydaspe minor
Lycaena florus
Aricia saepiolus insulanus
Aricia amica
Mitoura grynea grynea
Mitoura grynea smilacis
Mitoura grynea sweadneri
Mitoura hesseli hesseli
Mitoura hesseli angulata
Satryium liparops liparops
Satyrium liparops aliparops
Satyrium liparops floridensis
Satyrium edwardsii edwardsii
Satyrium edwardsii meridionale
3 other Satyrium
Pterourus appalachiensis
Pterourus glaucus

Taxa to be dealt with and illustrated in the 2 upcoming issues are several
species from Pakistan. and 4 skipper taxa (one new).

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the year Vol. 1 will only be available in CD.

Ron Gatrelle

PS  There is a possibility that one other issue (a # 10) may be added to
Vol. 3.   This is a paper that an author has committed to TTR but is not
yet finalized.


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