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It turns out that there are other lepidopterists sharing this good fortune,
and I anxiously await their reports as well.


Mark, See Derek Muschalek's Lower Rio Grande Valley report from Hidalgo Co.
(immediately to the west of Cameron Co.) More info on the following species
and locations can be found here:

South Texas Butterfly Pictures and Profiles

South Texas Butterfly Hotspots

Mike Quinn

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Subject: Flying in Rio Grande Valley on Nov. 11, 12,& 13

Here is a run down of just a few butterflies currently in the RGV.

Giant White(Ganyra josephina)common all areas including 14 at Santa Ana.
Mexican Yellow(Eurema mexicana)singles at many locations.
Great Purple Hairstreak(Atlides halesus) 5 at Santa Ana and one at Mission
                                                           West Rv Park.
Silver-banded Hairstreak(Chlorostrymon simaethis)one at Pintail Lake
Clytie Ministreak(Ministrymon clytie)4 at Pintail Lake(Santa Ana)
Malachite(Siproeta stelenes)2 on oranges in campsite#19 at Bentsen,two in
                                           Santa Ana main garden
Ruddy Daggerwing(Marpesia petreus)one at Valley Nature Center
Common Mestra(Mestra amymone)290 at Santa Ana
Guava Skipper(Phocides palemon)one at Golden Raintree Gardens in Weslaco
                                                  one at Valley Nature
Gold-spotted Aguna(Aguna asander)one at Mission West RV PArk
                                                   12 at 4:30pm!!!!! WHAT A
Potrillo Skipper(Cabares potrillo)4 at Santa Ana
Glazed Pellicia(Pellicia arina)a whopping 8 at Santa Ana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HERMIT SKIPPER(Grais stigmaticus)one at Santa Ana main garden
Brown-banded Skipper(Timochares ruptifasciatus)one at Valley Nature Center
Zilpa Longtail(Chioides zilpa)one at Valley Nature Center on 11/13.
Fawn-spotted Skipper(Cymaenes odilia)many,up to 75+ at Golden Raintree
                                                         Gardens in Weslaco
Olive-clouded Skipper(Lerodea dysaules)4 at Golden Raintree Gardens,one at
                                                             Valley Nature
Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak(Strymon bazochii)one at Golden Raintree Gardens on
                                      Chilling in Dewitt,Derek

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