"Vampire Butterflies"

MexicoDoug at aol.com MexicoDoug at aol.com
Mon Nov 25 13:46:39 EST 2002

Apparently PBS recently did a program on blood-feeding animals, as my father 
mentioned it to me (as he does with all Lep-related things) and I guess he 
was motivated to do a little internet research and came up with this amateur 
fantasy drawing while surfing around the concept.   He was surprised that 
butterflies "suck" blood from dead carcasses as I guess it is not to common 
in in his latitudes.  

Anyway, for those of you interested in seeing two world´s that probably ought 
not meet, look at this eerie butterfly watcher for variety.  Or perhaps he 
has webbed fingers:-)


Best butterflying,
Douglas Dawn
Monterrey, N.L.
New keyboard, and frantically catching up on emails
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