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Basically they are subdivisions of Papilio, already used by Linnaeus, the
following come out of L., 1764 (Mus. Lud. Ul. Reg.):

Papilio Danai Festivi
Papilio Nymphales Phalerati

others are:
Papilio Equites Troes (Equites = horsemen, knights, here the 'Trojan
knights' from Homer's Ilias - look at the names he gave some of them:
Priamus, Paris...)

Papilio Equites Achivi (the above's opposant Ancient Greek 'knights';
Menelaus, Ulysses, Machaon...)

P. Danai candidi
P. Nymphales gemmati
P. Plebeji rurali
P. Plebeji urbici
The last two are smaller butterflies (blues etc.), you can translate 'Plebs'
as 'the common people'
'rurali' as 'from the land'; 'urbici' as 'from  the city'.

Don't know what the others exactly mean, I think Nymphales will be Nymphs,
and I know Danai has something to do with some ancient tribe(s), hope
somebody can help here ?


PS: I think it was Niklas who gave the tip about neo-Latin texts a while
ago. Thanks again!
If anybody's interested, you can go directly to the URL
http://gallica.bnf.fr/ from 'Gallica', the 'Bibliothèque nationale de
France' and do a search,
otherwise http://eee.uci.edu/~papyri/homepage/nltexts.html lists them very

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Does anyone know what Frabricius in Syst Ent meant by the letters P.D.F. and
P.N.P at the start of his species accounts ????

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