Panama for Neotropical/Butterflies

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Sat Nov 30 12:05:24 EST 2002

Gonzalo -
Very interesting.  I will send a copy of this to the butterfly list, Leps-L.
I know folks who are always looking for a place to go, especially in the
neotropics and some of them might want to contact you.  And I hope I will be
able to come down for a visit also.
Keep up the good work!

Hank Brodkin
Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
hbrodkin at
SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA)
"Butterflies of Arizona - a Photographic Guide"
by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin and Hank Brodkin
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> Good day Hank:
> Check our new page about Butterflies
> Critics, advices and recomedations are welcome.
> Saludos
> Gonzalo


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