1958 Membership List

Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at extremezone.com
Fri Feb 21 21:13:58 EST 2003

Today, in the process of a move, I looked through a folder I had kept
for years. It contained old membership lists dating back to when I first
joined the Lepidopterist's Society. The oldest one was 1958. It appears
back then membership lists were generated every other year because I
have gaps corresponding to this. It was interesting to see the 1958
profile of some individuals I now know. I also pondered how I became
aware of the organization because I was only 15 at the time and was
quite the loner. There was no one to direct me. I don't have Klott's
Peterson guide to the Eastern Butterflies readily at hand (it is 75
miles from my current location), but my guess is that the society was
listed in the book. Out of curiosity I counted 581 members in 1958 with
118 of these being listed as charter members. It was really a thrill to
see this old document almost a half century old.


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