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> I have also noticed the phenomenon of 'seeing' butterflies with
> one's eyes closed after a long day in the field. However, once many years
> ago I enjoyed the _audio_ version of the same thing: after having listened
> to recorded music for several hours I was dozing off, and suddenly I
> 'heard' a full orchestra playing a section from a symphony--just as plainly
> as if I were listening to the recording. Too bad I can't do this on
> demand...

I can't say the fluries of butterflies phenomenon registers well with
me, but then I seldom see really large numbers these days. I have
certainly dreamt of butterflies. The musical phenomenon is one I
recognise. I can sometimes slip into hearing musical works like this,
not quite at will unfortunately.
However I can go one better on the musical front. In the past I have
been heavily involved with musical things. This has involved
travelling to various places all around the world singing. On some of
these occasions with jet lag etc. I have heard snatches of "new" music
that seems to be generated by my subconcious whilst dreaming. I
presume it is the heavy exposure to music combined with the fatigue.
On one occasion I was awakened by someone outside the room and the
wonderful Bach style fugue in my dream was interupted. I awoke to
realise that I actually recognised the theme of the fugue. It was a
somewhat distant variation of a Beethoven melody. Unfortunately my
recall of the actual music soon faded. Now if I could only do that on

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