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Subject: Fw: not dead, but sleeping

>  Anne et al -
>      I think that this list has grown relatively inactive for a number of
reasons, most of which you mentioned in your post.   However, in addition
to the TILS List, there are innumerable "local" butterfly listservs, which
probably carry the majority of the "meat and potatoes" postings - local
field reports, requests for ID help, notices for field trips, etc. <

First, thanks for not calling it "Ron's list" as Anne did.   The "TILS
list" is exactly what it is.  Its name is TILS-leps-talk and it is no more
"mine" than this one is Larwerence Gall's.   We are both just list
moderators.  Leps-talk is the brain child of Harry Pavulaan - so I didn't
even get to think it up.

Second, you are exactly correct about all the other specialized lists.
THAT is what has taken the _place of_ leps-l for most people.   Leps-l no
longer has a niche - a unique function.  Except as a general place to post
general stuff like:  Does anyone know the email address of Santa Claus, I
hear he has taken up butterfly watching.   Then the response:  Yes, it is
XXX at Xmas.orgy but he has had to move to Argentina and canceled (Xed out)
Christ-mas for good.    Ooooops, I didn't just bring up the God thing did I

 :-(      8>[    $=+

Which was the thing that irritated me most about Anne' stupid post.  But
misinformation is her specialty.  Hummmm, did I just start a spin off
bicker thread (see below) (not to be confused with a biker-thread - esp.
not the Elvises on Bikes thread).

>     I will not sign up for TILS because, to be perfectly honest, I grew
tired of all the posturing and bickering among the rampant egos on Leps-L,
and TILS certainly can't be any less annoying.   It was like panning for
gold nuggets in a river of verbiage.  Enough said.

Well that is for others to judge and decide.  Though it's another good
non-leps side thread (beats Global climate or warming sub-plot - which
reminded me of this archived Leps-l post)
"[LEPS-L:7891] -- "all the junk that's fit to debunk --
over 1,000,000  served"

So all that is left to say is that all Clay has to do to get out of Jury
duty is to bring along a copy of his post and show it to the judge.  Can't
have people on juries who suspect guilt before they have even seen any
evidence.  Sooooooo for any who might want to see what all the fuss is
about, here is the URL for the _TILS_ list serve over on Yahoo!Groups.

If anyone is disposed to join there just follow the steps in the "join
list" box.   There are several options / functions there not available on
leps-l (just because of the difference in the servers), like no email,
daily digest, all emails, photos, chat and others.  There are about 100
fewer subscribers on that list than here, but about 1,000 times more the
number of posts.  There is another leps list serve that is free of all
controversy (probably because there are NO butterfly-ers allowed).  That is
the TILS-moth-rah Yahoo!Group.  There are 135 folks subscribed there.   Its
URL is

And yes, it is for mothers (well, moth-ers) only.

Ronnie G

PS   Anne, this advertising idea of yours was pretty good.   Tell me again
where to send the check.  At least you have a sense of humor.   Oooooh, and
you are also smart, so you know the stupid and misinformation remarks were
just for effect - right.

PPS  Please note there is no double posting on my part.  Besides this is
all so off topic an atypical of what we get over on Leps-talk I wouldn't
want to post it there as folks there would complain to the moderator.  But,
as Clay said, this is all... all too typical of what Leps-l has evolved

PPSS PMS.  This is also getting long which used to be the number one
complaint here about my posts - too many and too long.  This one last thing
is a serious point.  THAT is exactly why I dropped out here  - thank you Ms
V. Passoa.  Irony.  When she complained about me (and Anne) here it was
coincidentally the same time Harry had the idea of a TILS taxonomy based
list.  Being unwanted here gave me the kick to do set up the leps-talk
list.  Now, two years later this list is, in the word's of the Wizard on
Princess Bride "just mostly dead".   So, thank you V. Passoa for
contributing greatly as a key domino in the demise of this list.  Like
prayer, people ought to be careful what they complain about, they just
might get it.


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