not dead, but sleeping

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at
Wed Jul 9 12:21:08 EDT 2003

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> The people who responded to my query are all subscribed to TILS as well.

I am not subscribed to TILS. I responded privately because I did not see a
reason to make this public. However, now that it is public let me say that I
have always felt TILS was a duplicate of what was happening in Leps-L, with
creationism thrown in. For these reasons, I never joined. I had thought
Leps-L had quieted down because people were tired of some of the
personalities and arguments (I was not), but if I correctly read Ron's
postings to get people to subscribe to Leps-Talk, it appears the same
personalities and arguments are going on in Leps-Talk that were going on in
Leps-L. Hence, it is a mystery to me why Leps-L has become so mute, unless
there are lists that didn't exist a few years ago that are more suited to
the subscriber's interests, but that still doesn't explain the shift in
argumentative activity from Leps-L to Leps-Talk (assuming this has
occurred). I, for example, subscribe to SoWestLep which is very good and
more relevant to where I live and collect.


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