[leps-talk] LEPS-L and cross posting

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Wed Jul 9 13:04:58 EDT 2003

Ron wrote:

> This bothers some more than others (as with everything else in life).
> There are two grpups.  One is practicle.  In this one people are limited
> by
> their email provider as to how much email (KB?) they can send / receive.
> This is a very ligitimate reason to not want 2 or more copies of the exact
> same thing.   The second group is preferential.  They just don't like the
> hastle.  This latter group usually get a lot of email in general (say 20
> or
> more a day) and sorting out junk and duplicates gets old fast.  I myself
> can get as many as 80 or so in one day.  So I fall in the latter group.

Yes, but...

Isn't the logical response to either of these two cases to simply choose one
or the other for subscription and NOT ask the poster to avoid cross posting?

In other words, shouldn't the people who are bothered by the redundancy be
the ones who should make the adjustments, rather than asking other people to
accommodate them?

The reason people cross post is because they want to share information with
people from multiple discussion groups.  The reason people subscribe to
multiple discussion groups is because they don't want to miss information
being shared.  It's a dilemma - but I say the accommodation should be made
by the latter (the subscriber) rather than the former (the poster).

Incidentally, for some reason I don't always receive redundant messages when
they have been cross posted to discussion groups I am subscribed to.  I
dunno - maybe Yahoo is smart enough to filter redundancies.



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