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> Yes, but...
> Isn't the logical response to either of these two cases to simply choose
> or the other for subscription and NOT ask the poster to avoid cross
> In other words, shouldn't the people who are bothered by the redundancy
> the ones who should make the adjustments, rather than asking other people
> accommodate them?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!   I hope everyone heard that.   BUT the problem is that
people want their cake and eat it too.  They want to be on all 60 list
serves and have zero cross posts.  So what do they do?  They contact the
list managers and pester them to ask people to stop cross posting.  They
also post to the groups and say, hey, knock off the cross postings.  When
the list manager gets enough - he/she finally puts out a message to his/her
group and asks for the cross postings to end.

I agree that many notices and thoughts are worthy of cross posting.  But I
do find it counterproductive to have individuals who cross post virtually
everything they write - no body is that important that everything they say
HAS to be heard by everyone.

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