[leps-talk] Re: and cross posting

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Wed Jul 9 13:10:47 EDT 2003

Ron wrote:

> A third reason.  It frequently ends up that at some point the cross
> postings end up only on one list.  Then perhaps back on another.  What
> this
> does to those folks who are not subscribed to all the lists is that they
> end up only getting part of the discussion and thus, don't get the whole
> scoop which can result in misunderstandings and false conclusions.

Yes - I agree that this is a problem.  Probably the best reason NOT to cross
post, I suppose.  The solution here is not to cross post (broadcast using
multiple lists in the "To" field of an email), but to post your information
twice to each of the lists you want to share information with.

Makes sense.



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