Global warming (was: leps-list sleeping)

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jul 9 13:31:30 EDT 2003

Kenn Kaufman wrote:

> Most unfortunately, the
> Bush administration is making a serious attempt to quash the truth,
> perhaps because the truth would be inconvenient to some of the big-money
> interests that put Bush in office.

Then again, big money environmental interests almost put Gore in office.
A Gore administration would likely find innovative ways like the one
below to tax business in order to raise money to study global warming:

Fri Jun 20, 3:21 AM ET

AUCKLAND (AFP) - A tax on farting, belching livestock to
be introduced by New Zealand to help combat global
warming (news - web sites) is creating a stink among the
country's farmers.

Methane emissions created by grass-munching cows, sheep,
deer and goats are believed to account for about half of New
Zealand's emissions of greenhouse gases.

Now the country is attempting to clear the air by introducing a
levy on pungent emissions by  mid-2004.

The tax will fund a new Agriculture Emissions Research body
to meet commitments to the Kyoto Protocol global environment

The new tax, which will bring in around eight million NZ dollars
a year (4.5 million US) amounted to "overkill", said Jeff Grant,
chairman of Meat New Zealand, a livestock industry support


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