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Wed Jul 9 21:10:04 EDT 2003


I continue to read the Leps list, but mostly lurk, since I have been 
extremely busy the last year (4 trips to the tropics, 5 new courses 
taught and one detached retina reattached). I also put most of my 
entomological energy into bees this year.

I am not a taxonomist (although I got the standard training). I am an 
ecologist, evolutionary biologist and conservation scientist. For me, an 
open-ended leps list is quite important.

Patrick Foley
patfoley at

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> I received four answers to my query, and none posted to the list. 
> Seems to me that, if we want this list to survive, we need to use it 
> more.
> Ron's TILS list is fine, and I'm a regular there, but some of you do 
> not post to both lists.
> At the time that UK-Leps split off, I feared that it would greatly 
> reduce our activity, and indeed it did. That's a very lively list, 
> with much local interest.
> I like the internationality of Leps list.
> Once TILS started their list, with a freedom to bicker, talk about 
> God, and pursue minutiae of taxons beyond the sub-species ... it drew 
> off considerable of our heat and fire. What, after all, does leps list 
> offer that TILS Leps-Talk does not also provide?
> Brightness falls from the air, Queens have died young and fair, dust 
> hath closed Helen's eye ...
> The people who responded to my query are all subscribed to TILS as well.
> I have a sentimental fondness for the leps list, but see no reason to 
> keep it on life support if it's no longer needed.
> I throw this thought out in hopes that all of you will leap to its 
> defence. On list, not in private.
> Today I will put on plate armor and go chop nettles, in hopes that my 
> arthritis will let up a bit. Nobody has been eating them, and new, 
> fresh nettles must be provided for the second brood.
> Ow.
> Anne Kilmer
> Mayo, Ireland
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