Global warming (was: leps-list sleeping)

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jul 9 14:14:11 EDT 2003

Stanley A. Gorodenski wrote:
> 1. Years ago the George W. Bush types were in denial that global
> warming was occurring.

Well in 1975 maybe the George W. Bush types realized that from
1940-1975 the earth had actually been cooling, not warming

> 2. As this became harder to defend, then they adopted the 
> position that human activity (industrial and others) was 
> not the cause and that it was all natural.

Well the period of global cooling that occurred between 1940-1975 
was a period of rapid industrialization.

> 3. As this becomes harder to defend, now their position is that human cause
> is insignificant.
> See a pattern here?

Yes I see the global temperature trend is well correlated 
with variations in the sun's solar output

Also, I see the long term trend is for the sun's solar output to
increase to the point where life cannot exist on the earth.
However, long before the sun burns the earth up, collisions 
with asteroids and comets could destroy much life as we know it. 

Paul Cherubini
Placerville, CA


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