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Chuck Vaughn aa6g at
Wed Jul 9 22:15:45 EDT 2003

Stanley A. Gorodenski wrote:

> Chuck Vaughn wrote:
>> for future warming become less and less. The human contribution, if
>> any, is not likely to be more than a few tenths of a degree.
> 1. Years ago the George W. Bush types were in denial that global 
> warming was
> occurring.
> 2. As this became harder to defend, then they adopted the position 
> that human
> activity (industrial and others) was not the cause and that it was all
> natural.
> 3. As this becomes harder to defend, now their position is that human 
> cause
> is insignificant.
> See a pattern here?

I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're comment has to do with 
mine. I'm just repeating what I've read are the most recent predictions 
of some of the climate models. I probably shouldn't even mention them 
because they are so wholly inadequate that to me they are no more than 
interesting speculation, certainly not something to base world economic 
policy on.

I would prefer to ignore the political games being played on this issue 
but unfortunately politics is the driving force behind the "need" to do 
something, not science. Sure, there is science on both sides of the 
issue, as there is on anything that is not 100% settled, but the 
climate alarmists who contend global warming is solely anthropogenic 
are losing credibility as more studies come out on the issue. Of course 
you wouldn't know it from ANY media source since they ONLY report one 
side of the issue.

I could make the same sort of argument about the climate alarmists and 
the medieval warm period as you did about "Bush types." The climate 
alarmists tried to make the claim that the medieval warm period was a 
localized phenomenon to Europe, so therefore there really was no 
planet-wide warm period. Subsequent studies around the world have 
confirmed it occurred everywhere. The climate alarmists were forced to 
back track.

During the medieval warm period there was farming in Greenland. Not 
today! When that occurs again I'll consider global warming a real 
issue. ;-)

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