Global warming (was: leps-list sleeping)

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at
Wed Jul 9 22:51:01 EDT 2003

Paul Cherubini wrote:

> Yes I see the global temperature trend is well correlated
> with variations in the sun's solar output

What an interesting graph. It is too small to read, but there is a reference to
Science, 1991, 254: 698-700. Since I have not currently seen global warming
seriously proposed as being caused by sunspots in the past few years in the
publication Science, do you suppose researchers today are not aware of this 1991
paper? More than likely, I suspect, this is a theory not seriously considered
today, or maybe a graph taken out of context. Something just thrown in the
argument without saying much about it to sway the uncritical reader. I will try
to check out this paper tomorrow. If you don't hear from me in a timely manner it
is only because I am preparing to leave for a three week trip starting this


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