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Thu Jul 10 01:23:48 EDT 2003

Ron Gatrelle wrote:
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>>The bottom line is:  why not cross post?  Those people who choose to
>>"listen" to more than one forum get what they ask for.  More messages.
>>Mark Walker.
> A third reason.  It frequently ends up that at some point the cross
> postings end up only on one list.  Then perhaps back on another.  What this
> does to those folks who are not subscribed to all the lists is that they
> end up only getting part of the discussion and thus, don't get the whole
> scoop which can result in misunderstandings and false conclusions.
> RG
> X2

But that's the best part, isn't it?

(What effect did you have in mind? I have already mailed the chocolate 
cake; don't eat it.)
Anne Kilmer
Mayo, Ireland

Where the naturalist who drove from Dublin to see Sophy the Pine Marten 
has been skunked, and is sleeping in my office while I keep watch in 
case she comes for early breakfast.
She is not herself a butterfly, but he is a lepper. So it goes.


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