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aa6g at (Chuck Vaughn) wrote in message news:<D5D33168-B24F-11D7-ADD3-000393ABD4BA at>...
> Kenn,
> I wondered how long it would be before this subject showed up here. ;-)
> I can tell from the 3 paragraphs you wrote that you're a climate 
> alarmist, you hate George Bush and big business, and you're a 
> conspiracy theorist.

I think this is really unfair. In fact if I see any evidence of
theorising it is from Chuck Vaughn. 

To quote Kenn again.

"In scientific circles this isn't even a matter of debate:  there is
near-universal agreement that this change is going on.  There's still
debate as to the cause, but no real debate about whether it's
because it IS occurring in a measurable way.  Most unfortunately, the
Bush administration is making a serious attempt to quash the truth,
perhaps because the truth would be inconvenient to some of the
interests that put Bush in office."

You see it is quite true that the scientific consensus is, as Kenn
states, that there is nothing to debate. Climate change is happening.
For all those honest scientists to believe this and for it to be
untrue implies a conspiracy theory of massive proportions. There is a
serious problem in western democracies where lobby groups provide
funding to politicians of all persuasions. I see it as corrupting and
even most Americans didn't vote for Bush.

(Over here he is a figure of fun for his stupidity.  One of our
politicians recently called him a "cowboy". In the UK this also means
a disreputable or incompetent tradesman.)

> How many links would you like to summaries of peer reviewed studies 
> that don't show an increase in extreme weather?
> Finally, a recent review of 240 studies on the climate of the 20th 
> century:
> Analysis Finds Twentieth Century Climate Unremarkable
> Let the flames fly if you like but the accumulating evidence is against 
> the climate alarmist.

No it isn't. You claim there are all these studies and then post a
link to one of the most notorious political propaganda organisations.
The infamous Heartland Institute is well known for attacks on nature
lovers and even publishing propaganda saying that tobacco is not

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