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Thu Jul 10 12:58:22 EDT 2003


I've read you for years. I know how you work. Anyone who disagrees with 
your positions you attack as anti-environmentalist, anti-science, 
stupid, etc. It's really grown to be quite tiring. Did you read this?

I suppose you'll find some way to attack the 17,000 scientists who 
disagree with the global warming premise.

>> I can tell from the 3 paragraphs you wrote that you're a climate
>> alarmist, you hate George Bush and big business, and you're a
>> conspiracy theorist.
> I think this is really unfair. In fact if I see any evidence of
> conspiracy theorising it is from Chuck Vaughn.

Kenn fits the profile exactly. I've listened to 100's of these people. 
They all think there are these huge government coverups going on that 
somehow no one except them  alone or their little group knows about.

> You see it is quite true that the scientific consensus is, as Kenn
> states, that there is nothing to debate. Climate change is happening.

Really! Nothing to debate! How do you explain away the MSU data from 
the NOAA polar orbiting satellites that do not show rising temperatures 
in the lower troposphere since 1979? See the graph in the link above.

There's always climate change over various intervals. Look at Figure 2 
in the link above and tell me that current trends are an anomaly.

> No it isn't. You claim there are all these studies and then post a
> link to one of the most notorious political propaganda organisations.

Just as I said. You disagree with it so you attack it. I'm sure you 
know about this site:

I suppose comments on published peer reviewed papers aren't good enough 
for you either. You'll find some way to attack it because it doesn't 
fit your ideology.

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