Primate lepidopterists

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Thu Jul 10 13:51:01 EDT 2003

MexicoDoug at wrote:
 As to what a> Lepidopterist is, well, it is easier to say what it
isn't.  It's not a
> cow, nor a cattle egret, typically is a human, though perhaps a Chimp
> could be trained, and many spiders are certainly consumptive
> gastronomolepidopterologists.  

Based on our observations of Spider Monkeys in Monkey Jungle (Florida),
a Chimp would be a superb consumer. The moment a butterfly ventured
through the mesh fence, a monkey lept into action grapped it, and
stuffed it into their mouth (feathers and all).  Joanna and I watched
them chow-down on a Malachite and a Dorantes Skipper.  MIKE GOCHFELD

Doug continued:  

 Meanwhile, a bonifide no nonesense Lepidopterist might
> look at a butterfly's scale under a microscope all night trying to
> figure out what pretty colors can be made depending upon what position
> he/she holds said scale...taking a good inventory and then figuring
> out how to fit in Hooke's or Newton´s laws.

I reviewed the 2000 Membership directory for the Lep Soc.  Surprise. 
Scale counting not high on list.

Mike Gochfeld


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