Counts vs Pollard Transects

Floyd Lucas floyd_lucas at
Wed Jul 16 12:07:19 EDT 2003

Hi guys,

Has anyone ever tried using Pollard transects in rugged terrain? I tried it 
in an area on the north coast of Trinidad (West indies) called Madamas, 
which is fairly wild with frquent steep hills covered by a high canopy 
forest. Besides the rain, steepness, pit vipers and general tiredness from 
hiking all day (I was actually researching birds and bats with some friends 
of mine), the transects gave very little because of the high canopy.  Even 
with binoculars, there was just too much I was missing.  It got me thinking 
of other areas I have sampled for butterflies, like Blanquizales Swamp (in 
south Trinidad) and again the same problem, this time due to presence of 
water bodies and inaccessible mangrove areas.  Anyway, I am just 'trying'  
standard methods of collecting and study, to move past Leps being just an 
interest (and would appreciate some advice!).

Floyd Lucas

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