Credulous cherubites

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Thu Mar 13 16:45:06 EST 2003

I question that this is Niel's message given the bad grammer and spelling. This
is atypical of him. Someone else may be using his email address.

neil at wrote:

> I Would urge everone to ignore Paul cherubini's comments. Some will believe
> him never mind what I say. Some share his ultra exreme political views
> others are just, to put it as politlely as I can, "credulous" they believe
> Things easily . Cherubini has been caughtt out in countless frauds and
> deceiptions or  misrepresentations and we know that one book quotes him as
> saying that he has a history of mental problems and that almost identical
> ideas were described by his psychiatrist as "paranoid".
> I don't like him. I dgree with Bob Pyle's description of him as Rogue and a
> Scoundrel but I am
> t telling you all this because of that. Competance is the heart ofd
> science. He is not compentant but "paranoid" .
> Psychology us that good scientists are not credulous people. On other lists
> with more Scientists on them he is treated with ridicule. Unfortunately
> there are credulous people on this list
> Get a life is a perfectly acceptable comment when delaing wth  a " paranoid"
> obsessive.
> I would lso point out, in as friendly way as possible, that some people are
> taking an enormous risk in using their work addresses to appear very
> credulous. You see,psychology tells us more than good scientists aren't
> credulous. It tells us that some other occupations have the same
> charaqcteristics
>  Psychometric testing, which is uses in recruitment, is based on this. You
> wouldn't want a boss who understood this to be reading a message that
> indicates that you might not be good at your job!"
> I am not basing it on just believing this nut.R emember the same people
> fell for the  "Betty Swollocks" hoax anoyther obvious fraud.
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