[leps-talk] RE: four very detailed websites?

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Thu May 1 07:45:14 EDT 2003

Mike Quinn wrote:

> Bruce, I agree that your websites are image and taxonomically rich,
> however
> I find them somewhat lacking in details, for instance, very few images
> have
> _any_ label data such as collector, date, locality associated with them...


> In my earlier days of online clashes with such as yourself, I probably
> would
> have noted the similarity of insect collecting without label data to stamp
> collecting, but I trust that we are both well beyond such trivial
> exchanges
> and would instead much rather set an example for others to follow, no?

I don't know what this is all about, but let me just say that the value of
the SE AZ website(s) surpasses most of what I have access to online with
regards to assisting me in making identifications - so that I can make
accurate and informative reports as to what I am seeing or collecting.  In
other words the web site is an incredibly useful tool for field
lepidopterists that enables them to provide just what Mike is asking for.

I would of course welcome the addition of any specific collecting data to
the AZ web site, just as I welcome the submission of collecting data in
field guides (of course, field guides that pretend that collecting is not a
key part of the science of Lepidoptera intentionally leave out this
important information).

Mark Walker.


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