Asteraceae and papilionids

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Tue May 13 17:06:49 EDT 2003

Dear people

Sorry for the cross-post, but I desperately need to find a piece of information.

Papilionids are known to feed on Magnoliales (Aristolochia, Magnolia, Annonaceae, Lauraceae) + Piperaceae and Baronia on a legume.
A friend caught two Heraclides larvae on an Asteraceae [identified by Gert HATSCHBACH as Eupatorium picturatum, a known acraine food-plant]. They are doing very well on the plant and the larvae are very similar to those of Heraclides hectorides, but with consistent slight diferences to those I know from around here.

My question is: is anyone aware of a possible or previous record of any Asteraceae as Papilio foodplant... worldwide speaking?? - I' m quite amazed... only hope they're not parasitized and the iamagoes will come out to identify the species. Pictures have been taken!

Quite a lot of novelties in the XXI century ... for a change!!

Jorge Bizarro
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