Thanks [data on Asteraceae and papilionids]

Jorge Bizarro jbizarro at
Wed May 14 10:12:22 EDT 2003

I would like to thank you all for the data on Artemisia and P. machaon complex.
Curiously, from this plant genus we've got Absint and Quingauzhou, the last one a sp. from China with the only known substance active against Plasmodium falciparum resistant malaria; a saving lives drug!

I'm convinced my bugs are Papilio (Heraclides) hectorides... if so they're smaller [yet?] than the ones raised on Piper. That species is ubiquitous in it's tastes, accepting also Citrus and Zanthoxyllum (both Rutaceae). I shall ask my friend Jose if he saw Piper plants available locally on the spot were the larvae come from.

Thank you very much again.

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