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Anne Kilmer viceroy at GATE.NET
Sun May 18 10:34:45 EDT 2003

Xi Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, on the whole physical science snobbery issue, I don't think it's
> snobbery because they basically are right, in that they do have a much
> better grasp of the nature of the universe.  Biology deals with a small part
> of science as a whole, because the stuff we know only applies to the earth
> and only as long as life exists here.  But if one says electron distribution
> is described by the Schroedinger wave function, this statement applies to
> the universe in general and I think this type of fundamental understanding
> is far more satisfying.  You say that physical scientists dislike
> uncertainty and want everything in the form of an equation.  So, what's
> wrong with that?  Would anyone complain if we could quantify biology with
> the same accuracy and precision?
> P.S.  In case you're suspecting that I'm in the pure sciences, I am actually
> in medicine, a "science" that is far from precise and accurate.
> Cheers,
> Xi Wang

But you are also a poet. As one can see from your prose, you have a fine 
idea of how the planet works, and how we work together.
Consider the fine tale of the nine blind men and the elephant ... each 
with a notion of the whole based on knowledge of one of its parts.

Medicine, as you suggest, is an art which is supported by science. 
Tests, as I suggested earlier, depend on the tester for their validity. 

Ah well, we're just enjoying the circus until the next ice age, anyway.
Anne Kilmer


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