Monarch Extinction press releases.

Chuck Vaughn aa6g at
Thu Nov 13 16:34:20 EST 2003


> Surely you admit that global warming is the scientific consensus, 
> rather than some weird idea that these three are pushing to bankroll 
> their winter vacations in the mountains?

Global warming, yes, anthropogenic global warming, no. And therein lies 
the problem. Every time there is a story about global warming it is 
either implied or stated outright that it is human caused. We give 
ourselves so much credit! The planet has been much warmer and much 
colder than it is right now. We now find ourselves in a slight warming 
trend after a cooling tend a few hundred years ago. So What? The 
monarch migration has been around a lot more than a few hundred years 
and it has survived warmer and colder times. Why should we now consider 
this to be a threat?

Chuck Vaughn


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