Monarch Extinction press releases.

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Which three?  I missed that.  cb
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> Pat,
> > Surely you admit that global warming is the scientific consensus,
> > rather than some weird idea that these three are pushing to bankroll
> > their winter vacations in the mountains?
> Global warming, yes, anthropogenic global warming, no. And therein lies
> the problem. Every time there is a story about global warming it is
> either implied or stated outright that it is human caused. We give
> ourselves so much credit! The planet has been much warmer and much
> colder than it is right now. We now find ourselves in a slight warming
> trend after a cooling tend a few hundred years ago. So What? The
> monarch migration has been around a lot more than a few hundred years
> and it has survived warmer and colder times. Why should we now consider
> this to be a threat?
> Chuck Vaughn
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