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Thu Nov 13 10:12:22 EST 2003

Charles Bordelon wrote:
> Which three?  I missed that.  cb

This newspaper article may give you a few clues:

Spray may imperil monarch butterfly


© St. Petersburg Times, published August 27, 2001

But this year, several U.S. butterfly researchers say, the massive monarch
migration could face a threat here in the Florida Panhandle, where the state
is aerially spraying an insecticide called Dibrom to kill mosquitoes
that can carry the West Nile virus.

"It could be devastating," said Karen Oberhauser, an entomologist from the
University of Minnesota who has studied monarchs for 17 years. "The migration
is a key link in a chain. If something breaks that chain -- like mosquito spray
that's going to kill them -- there won't be any monarchs to rebuild the population."

"Every bird watcher in Florida ought to be screaming bloody murder," said Chip
Taylor, an insect ecologist at the University of Kansas who runs a Web site called
Monarch Watch. "They are knocking out much of the insect population that the
migrating birds feed on."


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