[SoWestLep] Cabinets

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at asualumni.org
Thu Nov 13 20:14:03 EST 2003

I have bought the 6 drawer kit and it is good. I prefer to put together 
my own drawers rather than buying the ready made ones from BioQuip. I 
can get a tighter fit between the top and bottom than you can get with 
the ready made ones. A tighter fit keeps out dermestids better. When 
putting the drawers together I place cellophane at the corners so that 
the glue at the corners does not cement the top (that has the mirror) to 
the bottom. Also, I always order the particle bottom and then shave off 
enough from the backside (with a router) so that I can place over it 
masonite that will be at the bottom of the drawer. It is a lot of work 

I have not looked into their 6 drawer open faced cabinet. Maybe it can 
be modified to take a door.

Patrick Foley wrote:

> Stan and other lepsters,
> The Bioquip open-faced Cornell cabinet is just $145. It holds 6 
> Cornell drawers, and you can get a kit for these 6 drawers for about 
> $100 from BioQuip plus the cost of 6 glass panes which you can buy 
> locally at a window and glass store.
> I don't work for Bioquip, but I have been considering such a system. 
> Any comments by the expereinced?
> Patrick
> patfoley at csus.edu
> Stanley A. Gorodenski wrote:
>> I am thinking of making cabinets myself. It does not appear that it 
>> should be too difficult and a lot cheaper than commercially available 
>> ones. I plan to use traditional plywood, not particle board or the 
>> 'multilayer' stuff they now have. Assuming I can make a door that is 
>> air tight does anyone know if paradichlorobenzene (PDB) over time 
>> will permeate the plywood and start releasing into the room?  If so, 
>> is there something I can coat the interior surfaces with that would 
>> prevent this seepage? I am sensitive to this because a former ASU 
>> professor, Dr. Frank Hasbrouck, died of a lung condition. I cannot 
>> help but feel that his exposure to PDB at the ASU insect collection 
>> over many years contributed to his problem.
>> Stan
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