[SoWestLep] Cabinets

Monarchrst at aol.com Monarchrst at aol.com
Thu Nov 13 19:13:39 EST 2003

I have made about 15-20 of BioQuip's drawers and they work just fine.  It is 
quite easy to assemble them.  I take a little time to sand them down and 
later, give them several coats of varnish.  I get plastizote to go inside, which is 
extra, but it is so fantastic for the pins, I believe it is worth it, 
especially for the micros that I set, since it doesn't "ping" the pins anything like 
as much as other materials.  The drawers look very nice when finished.

BioQuip supply all the material needed, including the small handles to go on 
the drawer front.  If you haven't bought glass recently, it is quite expensive 
now, so price that out when you want to consider this option.

Ian Watkinson.  Yuma, Arizona.


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