[leps-talk] Re: Monarch Extinction (substantial evidence?)

neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 16 16:53:51 EST 2003

harrypav at hotmail.com wrote:
> Paul:
> I have no stake in this Monarch debate other than wanting to see the facts=
> prevail.  Whether or not I agree with you or the doomsayers, I commend you=
> for backing up your statements with photos and links to articles and 
> statements made by others.  The photos you linked, showing the Mexican 
> overwintering sites indicate a forest that looks rather "healthy" in the 
> view of this (me) ignorant spectator.  So, why is it that people are SO 
> upset with you?  Are you exposing "expert opinion" this is not based on 
> sound science?  [I am NOT accusing anyone of this, just questioning what I=
> hear]
> Harry

It is very very simple Harry. Those of us who have studied what he says in detail know that he has a long history of FRAUDULENT CLAIMS.

I'm sorry but there is no polite way to say this. When ever an independent source of information is found it contradicts what he is saying. He has used photographs in a biased and misleading way before when, it seems, he didn't realise the source could easily be located.

It seems he will say anything to discredit any form of environmental protection and will say false things to make people believe false ideas.

I can be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of this because he made false derogatory claims about a project in which I was involved without knowing my involvement.
Now whether I can prove it to you or not, I can be absolutely sure that 
HE WASN'T TELLING THE TRUTH.  This is in the same way that you would  know what the truth was if you had been involved with something. 

He doesn't  seem to care about the truth only about convincing people to believe his political ideas.

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