Doug Yanega dyanega at
Mon Nov 17 13:40:18 EST 2003

For people interested, UCR still has about 100 good, used 24-drawer 
Cal Academy cabinets that we're trying to sell off (just cabinets, no 
drawers); they go for about $600 new, we're selling them for between 
$50-$100, depending on condition - we even have some of the "wood 
by-products" type we'll sell for $25, that can be refitted to hold 
Cornell drawers. The building they're housed in is slated to be 
demolished - *supposedly* soon, though the demolition date keeps get 
pushed back. If you can arrange transportation for them, they're 
available. A few list members purchased some earlier this year, and 
there are plenty still to go.



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