Monarch Extinction (substantial evidence?)

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Nov 17 19:01:58 EST 2003

MexicoDoug at wrote:

> It is a tribute to to folks
> like Conabio, Brower, Taylor and Oberhauser and all the rest that those trees
> are there today.  Because, if not, I could have snuck there this weekend and cut
> down as many trees as I wanted without any problem.  Paul never addresses
> this reality.

Doug, as both you and Pat know, there are tall volcanic mountains immediately
to the east and southwest of Mexico City. These mountains also have extensive
forests of pine and oyamel fir, just like those in the monarch reserve areas.  
Despite their extremely close proximity to Mexico City, these pine and 
oyamel fir forests do not appear to be succumbing to logging and development.

Here is a paired satellite photo of the Mexico City area: One photo was taken in 1973
and the other photo was taken in 2000

Can you tell, at a glance, which photo was taken in 1973 photo and which one 
was taken in 2000?

Paul Cherubini


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