Monarch Mexican Migration and land management

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Tue Nov 18 14:27:41 EST 2003

With Paul's citation of Jurgen Hoth's ideas (where was this published 
Paul?), we reach a higher level of debate.

Apparently Paul concedes that some deforestation is going on in the 
oyamel forest, and considers this a good thing. I will agree with Paul 
and Jurgen that natural forests are mosaics of patches in various stages 
of succession. And that this heterogeneity is a good thing for the 
biodiversity and for various ecosystem processes, including insect pest 
  and pathogen regulation.

Next we need to determine the historical landscape heterogeneity 
pattern, and develop land management practices to imitate it.

But isn't this what Brower et al. 2002 Conservation Biology is all 
about? Maybe we should also concede that Brower and his team are doing 
_something_ useful.

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